Reili Evart estonian artist Crimson Lemons


Estonian artist who loves to explore different media and techniques.

As a graduate of the Estonian Art Academy, I have worked in a variety of fields. Including stage design, costume design, and graphic design.
I love the connections between these different fields of art and strive to unite them in my work. Whether using digital tools or traditional paints,
I am always focused on the idea behind each piece.


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Crimson Lemons is a series of works I started on 2021


In the heart of these drawings is a lemon.  Lemon is a symbol of that which surrounds me and happens inside me.  I start my works using mixed digital media techniques. I use 3D and animation programs, plus digital drawing techniques.  Selection of drawings I will print out, finish with gold or silver leaf and they can show up in your wall.


Each drawing commences with an idea, on the back of which I find the most suitable technique for the specific job at hand. The works are decorative in style, embellished and somewhat surreal and absurd.

There is no lack of topicality in my works, but I like to idealize things and find their better side. Nothing is ever exactly as it initially seems to me. People, situations and things can look very different to the bystander. Even also to myself, in the next moment. In the course of my work, I can only depict situations as they seem to me at that exact moment. The image of a lemon contributes to the wider universe or, more narrowly, to the inner world.


A lemon can also be seen as an alien planet that has the shape, but not the content, of a lemon.  At the same time being very closely connected to the planet Earth. Planet lemon is  changing its material and color according to what is happening around it.


Why crimson?


In addition to being a fine color, crimson has always been associated with many symbolic meanings. Including divinity, mystery and power.  Not all my lemons are crimson from the outside. But there is probably a certain amount of crimson inside us all nonetheless.


The lemons are inspired by everything that happens both inside and around me. On the one hand, these works are highly personal. On the other, they are decorative, and leave the viewer with the space to find their own lemon.


People are free to view my work traditionally framed on the wall, or digitally via social media, web3 virtual galleries or the  NFT format.


Reili Evart estonian artist


I’m a member of Estonian Artists Association. I graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) with a degree in scenography, and I work in stage design, in costume design and as a graphic designer.  All three of these fields of art are equally close to my heart, and are enjoyable for me and complement each other.

Within the framework of Crimson Lemons, I am blending all these branches. The resulting output is also by turns spatial, decorative and theatrical